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July 2017

Customer Story – Combining Three Rings into One Modern Custom Ring Design

By Custom Jewellery

There’s something special about my rings. They not only express who I am as an individual, they also symbolize some of the most important events in my life.

I use my hands a lot for my work and my rings take the brunt of it. It was approaching the holiday season last year and my husband and I were thinking about purchasing a new ring for a combined anniversary and Christmas gift. We stopped by Odyssey Jewellery Designers Inc, a jewellery shop in Richmond Hill. We had gone there before and enjoyed their selection of custom jewellery. Ed and the staff were always knowledgeable and we always had a positive experience.

After taking a look at my engagement, wedding and now anniversary rings, Ed recommended that I redesign the three rings into one unique ring. Both my engagement and wedding rings were in need of repairs and we agreed that the original rings looked dated and that their designs had become common.

We came to learn that combining rings is a common ring modification. The ring designers solder the rings together to create something symbolic and new. Combining two or more rings into one really opened the door to some really exciting possibilities and it helps protect them against damage.

It’s fair to say that I was a little nervous when Ed first suggested the idea of combining my three rings into one. My rings mean a lot to me and it’s an option that I had not considered. Once he explained the process and the possibilities of a fresh and interesting design we became really excited. I was impressed that Ed and the Odyssey Jewellery team took the time to learn about my style, tastes and the meaning behind my rings.

At the end of the ring design process, I own a really beautiful and unique ring that I’m proud to wear. Ed used all of my diamonds and added some new ones to create a larger setting that came out really sophisticated and modern. It was love at first site; I absolutely love the final result.

Jess Joss

The idea of combining rings is becoming more and more popular. It creates an excellent opportunity to create something new and wonderful. We love taking something old and making new again. Having your rings combined is an excellent way to prevent major repairs in the future. Learn more about how we combine rings and all of our other custom ring design and jewellery repair services by calling us at 905-737-5266, stopping by our 10909 Yonge Street store or by contacting us online here.