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November 2022

The Perfect Gift this Christmas from Odyssey Jewellery

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With Christmas just around the corner we at Odyssey Jewellery are getting ready to welcome old and new clients to help them with their Christmas shopping. Jewellery never goes out of style and makes the perfect gift for a loved one. We have been helping customers in Richmond Hill and the GTA for over 60 years find the perfect gift for Christmas, let us help you this season. There are always trends to watch for and below is what we think will make people happy this year!

Multiple Necklaces

A trend that started last year that is not showing any signs of slowing down is to wear multiple thin gold necklaces at once. Even one or two necklaces hits this trend perfectly. The mix of two gold necklaces together, especially when a pendant is included, adds a feeling of lustre and texture to any outfit. Often people choose pendants with special meaning – perhaps a birthstone or a small medallion with an initial inscribed on it. This trend can easily go from work to evening and the beauty is that you can match your other accessories to one or both of the necklaces.

Bold Pieces

After nearly three years of COVID people are excited to go out again this holiday season. This has seen a return to bolder statement jewellery not seen since

the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. At Odyssey Jewellery we have many pieces that combine bright bold colorful stones alongside the more traditional clear diamonds and gold. Whether a bracelet or a set of earrings, bright and bold is very on trend this holiday season.


Pearls are a trend that never go out of style. Every Christmas season at Odyssey Jewellery we are amazed at the draw our pieces with pearls have. Pearls symbolize wisdom, integrity and loyalty. Traditionally every woman would at some point in her life be given a set of pearls and often they were handed down from generation to generation. Pearls can be worn by women of any age and can be worn alone or in combination with a precious metal or gemstone. A piece of jewellery incorporating pearls will sure to make someone happy this Christmas.


With the proliferation of cell phones the need for watches has definitely waned in the last decade. But at Odyssey Jewellery we’ve noticed that many of our customers still want to wear a watch and will now invest more time in making their decision and money into their eventual purchase. This is because watches are now a unique item to own and for many it is a statement piece declaring their taste. We have watches for men and women and our experts can help you decide on the best watch for your loved one.

Engagement Rings

The period from late November to Valentine’s Day is the period where nearly 40% of people get engaged – and the majority of engagements happen on Christmas Eve! At Odyssey Jewellery we have helped countless couples choose the perfect engagement ring. We highly recommend you give us a call to book a time to meet with one of our experts. We can take the time with you to walk through the various options you have at Odyssey Jewellery – we have numerous gorgeous rings onsite for you to choose from. Before making an appointment it’s a good idea to find out which precious metal you want as the base for the ring – we have everything from white gold, gold to platinum available. We also have numerous diamond rings available with an assortment of carats and cuts available. Another consideration is that some people want a fancy colored diamond as their center stone. At Odyssey Jewellery we have numerous stones and styles to choose from. Please remember to make sure you know the size of ring you will  need!


A very special gift for a loved one would be a jewellery set. Unlike other stores at Odyssey Jewellery we make our jewellery on site – this means we can create jewellery sets that are unique and you can’t find anywhere else. Often jewellery sets consist of a necklace and earrings. Some people like to have sets made which include a special stone – perhaps a birthstone. You can also include a bracelet to complete the set.

Give us a visit this season

Odyssey Jewellery is located in Richmond Hill at 10909 Yonge Street, Unit 55. Our clients are from all over Richmond Hill and the GTA. We have helped people find the perfect Christmas gift for over 60 Christmas’s! We are a family owned and operated business and can help you find the perfect gift for a loved one this season. You can drop by our store to meet with one of our experts or feel free to call us at 905-737-5266 or email us at to make an appointment. As the Christmas season starts we are looking forward to seeing you and helping you make this Christmas extra-special.