Odyssey Jewellery Can Help You Design Your Custom Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands

Custom Designed Engagement Ring

Custom Designed Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands

At Odyssey Jewellery in Richmond Hill, we are heartened that as the COVID19 vaccine rolls out many of the restrictions that have been in place for nearly a year are slowly starting to lift. We know that many couples had to put their engagement and wedding plans on hold. As venues open up and larger group gatherings are allowed we are eagerly anticipating that more couples will be able to announce their engagements and start planning for their big day!

After waiting through COVID19 to become engaged and get ready for your big day why not plan for custom engagement rings and wedding bands to mark this incredible moment in your lives? Whether you’re looking for something more traditional in an engagement ring or contemporary, vintage or a glamourous design we can help you create something extraordinary. At Odyssey Jewellery we love working with couples to design custom engagement rings and wedding bands. We work closely with them, often over a period of weeks, to capture the style they desire to make these pieces instant family heirlooms. Our jewellers work with unlimited design styles and whether you have an era or idea you wish to work from, or you want to start from scratch, we will design with you something to cherish forever.

Often couples approach us to create custom engagement and wedding rings when they are looking for something unique, that no one else will have. By designing your own rings you can draw on a favourite period of time; perhaps a more ‘traditional’ wedding set, something with a vintage flair or a set that in incredibly contemporary – designing an engagement ring and wedding band is an exciting project for a couple to take on!

With decades of experience, Odyssey Jewellery can make all of your engagement ring or wedding band visions come to life. We’d like to share some tips on creating your own custom pieces before you embark on this exciting project.

Give Yourself Enough Time

First, it is imperative you give yourselves ample time to plan and execute the design. lt takes longer to design a custom piece of jewellery rather than choose a piece from our current selection. There are multiple steps to take into consideration when embarking on a custom design. You will need time to meet with our jewellery designers to create the kind of ring or rings you imagine. Many couples approach the design of their engagement ring first. Some people like to do this before they propose, other couples like working on this together. No matter how you wish to start we work with you to achieve your dream ring. At each step of the process we make sure you are included in each step of the approval process. Small tweaks and adjustments to your design can occur along the way – this entire process can easily take a few weeks to a couple of months. With this timeline in mind, it is important to plan ahead when custom designing your engagement and wedding bands.

What’s Your Budget?

It’s always a good idea to know what your budget is for your custom designed engagement ring and wedding bands. When planning for this expense we can work with you to explain the different costs involved. Platinum, LS or 14 carat gold are all options. There is also the consideration of which gemstones you wish to use, based on your budget. While diamonds are the traditional choice in engagement rings and wedding bands, other precious gems like rubies, emeralds and sapphires are also great options. Working together we can help you choose materials based on your budget. No matter what you decide to spend we know we can create something special.

The Four C’s

If you are thinking of using diamonds in your rings then we highly recommend you familiarize yourself with the ‘4 C’s’, which are:

Colour – When discussing colour in relation to diamonds this actually means that you are looking for an absence of colour, a white diamond.

Clarity – Each diamond is unique and can include individual characteristics called ‘inclusions’; each diamond needs to be closely inspected to determine the number and position of inclusions to establish its clarity.

Cut – Perhaps the most well-known of the 4 C’s, the cut of the diamond greatly affects how it interacts with light and therefore its brightness and sparkle.

Carat – The carat weight is a term of measurement for how much a diamond weighs.

The Design

Many of our clients have a specific idea in mind when it comes to the design for their engagement ring and wedding bands. We encourage our clients to bring in photographs of rings that inspire them. Some couples want to base their design on family rings which is always a lovely idea. While we will design a custom piece as unique as each couple, we can use some of your inspiration to design your ring. Some people like to sketch out their ideas and we love when that happens! Our designers are creative and like working with creative people. A custom designed engagement ring and/or wedding bands are often the most expensive jewellery investment people will make in a lifetime and usually worn daily.

When working with couples Odyssey Jewellery wants to make the experience of designing engagement rings and wedding bands an enjoyable process. Getting engaged and wedding planning can be a tremendous amount of fun, but also sometimes overwhelming! You can be assured when you give yourselves enough time to design your rings the process will go much smoother. Our expert jewellers love working with couples and can guide you throughout the process so the finished product is exactly what you dreamed of.

Let’s Get Started!

At Odyssey Jewellery we have spent decades working with couples to make their custom designed engagement ring and wedding band dreams come true. We recommend that you give us a call or an email to schedule an appointment with one of our jewellers to get started.

We are located at 10909 Yonge Street, Unit #55, call us at9o5-737-5266 or pop us an email at info@odysseyjewellery.com . We look forward to hearing from you!