Custom Designed Engagement Ring

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Buying an engagement ring is one of the most special moments in a person’s life! With many people investing 1-2 months salary on an engagement ring it is a very significant purchase and one that should be approached with time and care. At Odyssey Jewellery we encourage you to come in and talk to one of our experts to find or create the perfect ring. We offer a wide array of designs from classic styles to more contemporary designs. With over 60 years experience in the jewellery industry we offer our clients affordable pieces at unparalleled quality.

How did we get to Engagement Rings?

Custom Designed Engagement RingThe history of the engagement ring goes back hundreds of years. While rings are recorded to have been used in ancient Egypt they can only accurately be traced back to ancient Rome. The engagement rings of ancient times are much different that what is worn today. In ancient Rome the bride-to-be wore two rings; one gold and one iron (iron was worn at home, gold was for outside the home). The engagement ring is often worn on the ring finger on the left hand – there was an early theory that a vein that ran through this finger was connected directly to the heart.
So who do we have to thank for the modern engagement ring? The first mention of a diamond ring associated with an engagement was given to Mary of Burgundy by the Archduke Maximillian of Austria in 1477. This gesture proved to be very influential and inspired those of the European upper classes to include a diamond into the ring they gave to their betrothed.

While engagement rings went through many evolutions, starting in North American in the late 1930’s diamond engagement rings became very fashionable – a tradition that has continued on to this day. Once considered only for the upper classes by the mid-20th century diamond engagement rings were worn by nearly 50% of married women in the U.S.

Often considered the most important piece of jewellery a woman will own in her lifetime, it can become part of a family’s history with it being passed down to future generations. At Odyssey Jewellery we work with individuals or couples to choose the perfect piece that best reflects the wearer.

How to Choose a Diamond

Many times an engagement ring is the first diamond someone has purchased. With that in mind at Odyssey Jewellery we will work closely with you on finding the best ring for your budget. When buying a diamond engagement ring we encourage all of our clients to work with our experts to learn about the 4 C’s of diamond quality. The 4 C’s stand for Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. As one of the most important purchases of your life, and the ultimate expression of your love, it’s important you know what you are selecting. A quick of overview of the 4 C’s:

Colour – When discussing colour in relation to diamonds this actually means that you are looking for an absence of colour; a pure diamond has no hue.

Clarity – Each diamond is unique and can include individual characteristics called ‘inclusions’; each diamond needs to be closely inspected to determine the number and position of inclusions to establish its clarity.

Cut – Perhaps the most well known of the 4 C’s, the cut of the diamond greatly affects how it interacts with light and therefore its brightness and sparkle.

Carat – The carat weight is a term of measurement for how much a diamond weighs; the larger the diamond the more valuable.

Creating a Custom Piece of Jewellery

Custom jewellery has recently come back into vogue. Whether a piece of jewellery is worn on special occasions or everyday it is exciting to wear something that is unique. For many people jewellery is a sentimental embellishment that can be passed down to future generations. You can choose a theme to follow or create a piece to reflect a specific period of your life. By putting this extra effort into designing and creating a custom piece for yourself or your loved one you are imbuing the piece of jewellery with an extra sense of care and authenticity.
All of our custom work is done on site; we produce all of our pieces to the highest standard and will work to create the perfect piece for you or your loved one.

We encourage you to drop by our Richmond Hill location and speak with one of our experts; we are passionate about what we do and look forward to helping you find your special piece of jewellery!