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Custom Jewellery

At Odyssey Jewellery in Richmond Hill, we have been helping customers find perfect gifts for loved ones for over 60 years. At Odyssey Jewellery we offer our clients in Richmond Hill and the GTA pieces with the highest quality and attention to detail.

Early on in our history we realized that while most of our customers could find something quite quickly in our store when they were looking for a gift, some of our customers wanted to work with us to create something more personal and unique for their loved one – and that is when we started creating personal custom pieces for our clients.

A difference between Odyssey Jewellery and other jewellers is that we have our designers and jewellers on-site, and we complete all the work here in close consultation with our clients. When a client approaches us to design and complete a custom piece of jewellery, we take the time and ask the right questions to make sure that at every part of the process we are creating a memorable piece both for our client and their loved one. At Odyssey Jewellery our craftsmanship is unparalleled; we devote great time and care to every piece we work on.

Creating a custom piece of jewellery is an exciting process, gifts created with such time and effort adds a tremendous sentiment to the piece. The artistic expression these pieces represent often become family treasures passed down to generations.

Whether our client has a vision for their piece or not we can help them get started in the process. Here are some tips we share with our clients when we begin working together:

  1. At Odyssey Jewellery we design and create custom, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Often our clients have some sort of idea of what kind of piece they wish us to create – if it is a gift to celebrate a special occasion such as an anniversary or a birthday then we often have a bit of guidance to start. If you are creating a bracelet for example as a birthday gift then we can suggest working with the person’s associated gemstone. If the piece is to celebrate an anniversary, many anniversaries have corresponding stones and gems that can be incorporated into the piece. When deciding on what to create we often advise our clients to think of the person’s lifestyle – do they often change earrings daily? Do they enjoy dressing up and changing their jewellery for special occasions? If the person wears a watch do they enjoy wearing bracelets with them? Once we work through these questions, we can often determine what type of jewellery they want to create for their loved one.
  2. Key Decisions. During our first meeting with our clients we walk them through a series of decisions – while these can seem overwhelming, our experts have years of experience in shepherding clients through the process of creating a custom piece. The first question, after what type of jewellery they wish to have created, is what materials they wish to work with. Your precious metals to choose from include: silver, gold, white gold or platinum as your base. Then you can decide on which gemstones to include – many of our clients use a mix of diamonds and other gemstones such as rubies and sapphires. Then you can work with our designers to determine the design of the piece; our jewellers can sketch out a design per your specifications. Even if you don’t have a design in mind, you can bring in notes of what you would like to achieve with the piece. We also encourage our clients to bring in photographs of jewellery they like.
  3. Family gemstones. Some of our clients are designing custom pieces with great sentimental meaning. Often, clients incorporate gems from family heirlooms. Their inclusion adds tremendous meaning to new pieces and will be greatly cherished by your loved one. We ask our clients to allow us to remove the gemstones if they are still in their original setting.
  4. Likes and Dislikes. We recommend that before visiting us at our Richmond Hill location you take a look at your loved one’s current jewellery collection. From this you will be able to discern what their likes and dislikes are – do they wear drop earrings or studs? Do they wear one bracelet or multiple bracelets at once? Do they wear rings to match their outfits? And do they tend to change their jewellery based on the season? With this important information, we can work with you to decide on the best piece for your loved one.
  5. Like clothing, every person has their own sizing when it comes to jewellery. It is important to know, for bracelets, necklaces and rings what size the person is. If the gift is a surprise then we recommend bringing in a piece of jewellery your loved one won’t miss so we can measure the size and create a piece that will fit perfectly.
  6. It is helpful to have an idea of how much you want to spend on your custom piece. With this information our jewellers can recommend what materials to use and advise you on how best to use your budget to create a memorable piece.
  7. Once we decide on what materials to use, we will create series of finished drawings showing you how your finished piece will look – we don’t stop the design process until you are 100% satisfied with the design.
  8. When final drawings and materials are approved, we work with you on the timeline to complete the piece. We recommend to our clients to plan 6-8 weeks for a custom piece – that way we can be assured of sourcing all the materials you wish to include in a timely manner.

At Odyssey Jewelry we have spent decades turning our client’s ideas into reality. We are thrilled when people drop into our store which is located in Richmond Hill. With the holiday season approaching soon and then Valentine’s Day right around the corner we suggest contacting us to make an appointment with one of our jewellers to get your custom design project started!

You can drop by our store, located at 10909 Yonge Street, Unit #55, call us at 905-737-5266 or pop us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!