Finding The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

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Tips of the Finding the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring in Richmond Hill

Engagement RingYour engagement ring serves as both a symbol of your relationship and as a beautiful announcement of your upcoming wedding. The ideal engagement ring will represent your personal style and taste. There are various engagement ring options available to Richmond Hill jewellery shoppers today.

When shopping for an engagement ring, you will need to determine the type of stone you want to purchase. There are various options on the market that will suit most tastes and budgets. Many couples elect to go with a diamond engagement ring. Diamonds offer a high level of elegance, beauty, and harmony to your engagement ring. No two diamonds are alike and finding the right diamond for your engagement ring design is an extremely important part of the puzzle. Your custom engagement ring designer will show you various types of cuts. Round, princess, pear, cushion, marquise, heart cut, or emerald – there are plenty of cuts out there that will suit the needs of any ring or its owner. People who enjoy sparkle will tend to have a princess or round diamond cut because there are more light-reflecting facets on the stone. Other cuts such as oval, heart, and pair will give your engagement ring a more unique look. There’s no such thing as a bad diamond cut; diamond cuts are timeless and never go out of fashion. Finding the right cut of a diamond will greatly impact the overall look of your engagement ring and will play a critical role in determining the remaining design elements of your diamond ring.

The karatage of your engagement ring will provide a further level of customization to the piece. When shopping for a diamond ring you will encounter rings made of white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold, you’ll want to consider the karatage of the ring before making a purchase. Think about what type of gold looks best with your skin tone. The purest gold rings are 24kt, while 18kt gold contains 75% pure gold, 14kt gold contains 58.5%, and 10kt gold contains 41.6% pure gold. Every couple will have unique tastes and budgets, 10kt gold engagement rings tend to be a popular choice since they are affordable and durable against scratching. Remember, a ring’s karatage refers to a ring’s metals and should not be mistaken for diamond carat, which is used in reference to the weight of the diamond in the ring. Platinum is another option for those not looking for a gold engagement ring and mixing metals is another popular trend.

Karatage is not the only factor in determining the value of a diamond. You’ll also want to find a stone with a cut that meshes with your ring’s design. The cut speaks to the diamond’s precise shape and the positioning of the stone’s facets. Clarity is another important factor in determining a diamond’s beauty and value. Jewellers use clarity to describe a stone’s physical characteristics or flaws.

Before purchasing an engagement ring, you’ll want to decide what kind of ring style suits you best. Do you enjoy the look and feel of a modern ring, classic ring, or a vintage engagement ring design? This will be one of the most important factors in designing your custom-made engagement ring. The Internet is an excellent resource when determining what ring design is best for you. We recommend that our clients spend some time on researching, Pinterest tends to be a great source of engagement ring design images. The best engagement ring designs provide the wearer with an emotional connection to their jewellery piece. Get your friends and family to help, share the ring designs that you like online and see what others think. Once you’ve put together a collection of images, look for a common theme, this will help you determine a ring design that works for you.

Choosing the perfect setting for your engagement ring will allow you the ability to really showcase the stones in your ring, the setting will also add an extra layer of style to the piece. The solitaire cut is a popular choice for many of our Richmond Hill clients, a time-tested mount that proudly presents a single diamond in a way that demands attention. The halo cut is excellent for engagement rings that contain multiple stones, the centre diamond is surrounded by smaller stones.
There’s no mathematical formula for engagement ring shopping, it’s about finding something that speaks to you and symbolizes the journey that you and your partner have taken together and the future that awaits. Take your time and find a ring that speaks to your personal taste and budget. Whether it’s an engagement ring that’s been newly designed, something off the shelf or a family heirloom; it’s your engagement ring and you shouldn’t settle.
Our Richmond Hill jewellery store has built a reputation for providing exceptional service, craftsmanship and high-quality. We understand that an engagement ring is a lifelong investment and we work hard to exceed each of our customer’s expectations on every engagement ring we create and sell. Speak to one of our experienced engagement ring designers today and allow us the opportunity to help tell your love story.

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