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How to Find the Best Custom Jewellery Repair Shop

Jewellery RepairYour custom jewellery pieces are one-of-a-kind and having them professionally cleaned and repaired is the best way to preserve their beauty and protect your investment. At Odyssey Jewellery Designers Inc., we’re very proud of the reputation we’ve earned for being the most trusted jewellery repair shop in Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, throughout the Toronto region. Throughout our 60-year history, we have repaired a wide range of custom jewellery pieces and we bring this knowledge to every repair job we do.

Every jewellery item is unique, and your piece’s design and materials will dictate the care and maintenance required to keep them pristine. Generally, jewellery made with harder and higher-grade materials will require less ongoing maintenance than those made of lesser-quality material. Purchasing jewellery is an investment and like a car or house, you should research the costs associated with proper maintenance in advance. Higher-end diamonds and platinum will generally require less care than their lower-grade counterparts.

Inspect your jewellery before wearing it, you’ll want to check for both damage and loose stones. Any loose stones need to be repaired right away, as they can easily fall out without the proper care. We find that many people rarely take off their rings, it’s important to regularly remove your ring from your finger and do a quick visual inspection to ensure the ring fits properly. Damages to the structure of your jewellery can also worsen when not dealt with by a professional jewellery repairer. Adjustments to a ring’s size can be done quickly at an affordable price.

Removing your jewellery for activities such as swimming, working out, cleaning, and doing yard work can also help protect your jewellery. It can be a simple habit that will improve the condition of your jewellery and may even prevent you from losing it.

We recommend that you have your jewellery cleaned every six months. There are various commercial jewellery cleaning solutions on the market that allow for home cleaning, but with so many expensive and fragile pieces it’s usually best to allow an experienced cleaner to handle your jewellery’s cleaning and repair work.

Nothing is scarier than breaking your favourite custom jewellery piece. At Odyssey Jewellery Designers Inc., we will get your rings, bracelets, earrings and watches back to pristine and working condition. Many of our customers are surprised by the fact that a lot of jewellery items can be repaired while you wait in our Richmond Hill repair shop. We’ll work with your schedule to ensure you’re wearing your jewellery again quickly.

Some of the most common jewellery repairs we do in our Richmond Hill custom jewellery repair shop include:

  • Fixing earrings and fixing broken earrings posts
  • Replacing loose or lost stones
  • Resizing rings
  • Repairing, cleaning and resizing engagement rings
  • Repairing broken gold chains and necklaces
  • Removing and modifying engravings on jewellery including rings, bracelets, and watches
  • Mending broken links on bracelets
  • Any other jewellery repair job required

In addition to offering jewellery repairs, we also can make changes to your custom jewellery pieces to give them a more modern appearance. Our team of experienced jewellery designers will work with you to keep the elements you love about your piece and redesign it to take its beauty to the next level with your own unique style and taste.

We realize that your custom jewellery carries a high amount of sentimental value and we handle every jewellery piece in our shop with the respect and care it deserves. We built our business on a foundation of passion over 60 years ago and that philosophy still comes through on every repair job we do. Nothing feels better than seeing the look on our client’s faces when they see their jewellery for the first time after it’s cleaned or repaired. It’s the reason we come to work every day. Our jewellery repair job has some of the best equipment in the industry, including the best polishers and welding equipment, this ensures that every repair job is done to the highest quality. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with all your jewellery repair options to find a solution that works for your needs and budget.

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