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Watch and Jewellery Repair

Jewellery Repair - Odyssey Jewellery Richmond HillOdyssey Jewellery has been operating for more than 65 years in Richmond Hill, Ontario and we are proud to provide superior service to our customers in Richmond Hill and the GTA. We offer our customers the highest quality jewellery – whether you are looking for an engagement ring, a bracelet, a necklace, a diamond ring or earrings we have something for everyone. Our pieces are designed in a range of styles so we encourage you to come into our store, located at 10909 Yonge St., and take time to browse our selection and talk to one of our expert staff who can help you find an exquisite piece that will be cherished forever.

One interesting part of our business is our watch repair service. We often have people bring in heirlooms that have been left to them by a relative, or they find a watch they wish to wear but has fallen into disrepair. Our experts approach each watch repair with great respect to its original design and its historical significance. At one point in the world, there were estimated to be 60,000 watchmakers – that number has dwindled to 5,000. With this lack of expertise in the field, we are happy to help people restore these incredible pieces to their original lustre.

At Odyssey Jewellery we can repair and restore both mechanical and quartz watches. Mechanical watches use a clockwork mechanism to measure the passage of time. The beauty of mechanical watches is that, if cared for properly, they can last for generations. Many times people will come in with watches that have been left to them by a relative – we are truly honoured to be trusted with these family heirlooms. If your watch is of the Quartz era we are well established to repair these pieces as well. Developed in 1969 the Quartz watch replaced the balance wheel of the mechanical watch with a quartz crystal. This was another turning point in modern horology. Whether you have a mechanical or quartz watch our experts can identify what is wrong with your timepiece and work on it to restore it to its original beauty.

If you have previously visited Odyssey Jewellery you will know that we are jewellery experts and offer an incredible range of pieces that are suited for any event in your life. From an engagement ring to a celebration piece to mark an important life event, Odyssey Jewellery has pieces that will thrill anyone in your life.

As dedicated jewellers, we also know how sometimes jewellery, whether it’s worn daily or for special occasions, can become damaged. Our expert team has experience with every type of jewellery and we can repair anything you bring in to us. We realize that often these pieces have great sentimental value; therefore before we approach any repair we talk through the repair plan with you so that you know exactly what we are going to do.

If pieces in your collection are family heirlooms though you will want to bring them in for a thorough check-up and cleaning to prevent any serious damage. We recommend to all of our clients that they remove items such as rings and necklaces when participating in sports or going for a swim – not only can you prevent damage to your pieces but also avoid losing them!

At Odyssey Jewellers we are passionate about what we do. When pieces, either a watch or a piece of jewellery, are brought into us for repair or refurbishment we treat it as if we created it ourselves. We offer affordable prices and expert consultation. The difference between Odyssey Jewellery and some of our competitors is that we do all of our work on-site. We have built a full factory at our Richmond Hill location so you can be rest assured that anything you bring us will be well cared for and not shipped off to another location. We never subcontract our work – every piece is taken care of by one of our expert jewellers. As manufacturers and importers of platinum, 18k gold and diamond jewellery we work only with the best materials.

Odyssey Jewellery offers a legacy of unparalleled craftsmanship – we also create custom made pieces so that you can add your own special touch to a piece of jewellery for you or a loved one. After operating in the jewellery business for over 60 years we can confidently share that we are the city’s most trusted jewellers. Why don’t you plan a trip to our store and one of our professional staff will be happy to review any of your repair needs while showing you our incredible collection