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By August 22, 2020March 22nd, 2021Custom Jewellery

From everyone at Odyssey Jewellery, we hope you and your families are keeping well as we all continue to cope with the ramifications of COVID-19. At Odyssey Jewellery we have been keeping busy and have been able to continue working with our customers with all the safety protocols in place. During this challenging time, we have been so pleased to work with past customers along with new clients who have just discovered us.

With people spending time at home many of us have decided to put our time to good use. One of the things many of our customers have done is a thorough clean-out of their houses including closets and jewellery boxes! At Odyssey Jewellery we have been pleasantly surprised that many of our recent customers have visited us after finding family heirlooms or long-forgotten, yet still beloved, jewellery. No matter how damaged a piece of jewellery is we encourage you to drop by Odyssey Jewellery and let us see what we can do to restore the piece. We can also work on re-sizing heirloom pieces to fit a modern wearer.

Fortunately, at Odyssey Jewellery our jewellers have extensive experience in repairing jewellery from any period and any style. We also know how to clean jewellery while preventing any further damage. While ‘at-home’ jewellery cleaning kits and products have become more popular in recent years, we recommend to our customers to bring in your pieces – especially if they have been sitting in drawers or jewellery boxes for some time. During the process of de-tangling chains, or cleaning precious gemstones these pieces can actually be badly damaged (or even lost), our expert jewellers on-site have decades of experience on how to approach even the toughest cleaning situations and take great care to prevent any further damage.

The advantage of taking your jewellery for cleaning or repair to Odyssey Jewellery is that not only do we repair jewellery but we also create it. Our onsite jewellers create custom made pieces of jewellery and enjoy working with clients to bring their vision to life. Often clients bring in heirloom jewellery that either no longer fits or is no longer in style. Other times they bring in sets of jewellery (earrings, bracelet, necklace) and would like to use the stones and precious metal to create a new piece of jewellery. For heirloom jewellery we understand that often these pieces have been handed down through generations and have great sentimental value. Our jewellers will work with you to design something that will honour the past while bringing joy to current and future generations. When working to re-imagine jewellery sets often we can work with the gemstones in necklace and earring sets to create a beautiful statement ring.

Odyssey Jewellery’s onsite staff also include watch experts who are well-versed in fixing and repairing the most complex watch from any decade. Recently during COVID-19 we have had clients drop off exquisite pieces that haven’t worked in years. We have been able to refurbish these pieces and allow them to be used on a daily basis like they once were. If you find items which are much too small, don’t worry! We can work with you to lengthen the band of the watch respectful of the original design and materials.

With the whole world affected by COVID-19 so many things we take for granted have been put on hold. Fortunately we have been happy to sell numerous engagement rings in recent weeks. Couples have made appointments to either choose a ring from our wide selection of rings or we work with them to design and create their own. So, even if your actual wedding might have to be delayed or altered, it is still a wonderful time to celebrate your love with an engagement ring!

Distinctive designs create completely unique engagement rings, and all work is done on the premises by skilled, experienced, certified professionals.

When working with Odyssey Jewellery you can be assured you won’t be rushed. We know that this ring is most likely the most important jewellery decision a person or couple will make in a lifetime. Whether you would like to include a classic diamond in your ring or another gemstone we will discuss the best cut and design for you. We also work with the highest-grade metals of platinum, gold and white gold. We can include special designs on the bands and engravings with special messages for your loved one. All of the work on your engagement ring will be done on-site by our jewellers and we will regularly send updates to keep you included in all the design milestones in your ring.

COVID-19 Precautions

Like so many other businesses, Odyssey Jewellery has implemented all the COVID-19 precautions as laid out by the Government of Ontario. We are open to the public while also organizing visits to our store by appointment, and we ask everyone to wear masks and socially distance. We clean and disinfect all of our counter surfaces after every visit and make sure our staff wash their hands continually throughout the day. If you are leaving a piece to be fixed we are no-longer having people wait in the store, but we provide an estimate of when the work will be done and of course will call you to let you know when you pick up. You can be rest assured that Odyssey Jewellery will ensure you have a safe but pleasurable visit working with our expert jewellers.

So, call or drop by our store, Odyssey Jewellery Designers Inc. located in Richmond Hill at 10909 Yonge Street Unit#55. You can call us at 905-737-5266 or email us at info@odysseyjewellery.com.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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