Tips for Buying Jewellery for Valentine’s Day

By January 2, 2019March 22nd, 2021Custom Jewellery

Valentine’s Day Jewellery – How to Find a Gift of Love That Suits Your Budget

Another holiday season is coming to an end. It’s time to put away the tree and box up the Christmas lights. The new year means that Valentine’s Day is only six short weeks away. Do you know what you’re getting that special person this year?

If you’re thinking about getting your loved one a piece of jewellery, you’re not alone. According to Statistic Brain, 17.3 percent of all Valentine’s Day gifts are some type of jewellery piece. It’s estimated that Valentine’s Day generates nearly $2.2 billion in sales for jewellery stores throughout the US.

It’s best to start your jewellery shopping now, it can be a big task and can lead to a lot of stress if left to the last minute. This is the perfect time to get started.  Begin the process by paying attention and taking note of your partner’s individual style and taste. Sneak a peak in their jewellery box when they’re not looking and see what’s missing. Are they in the market for a new bracelet, ring, earrings, watch, or necklace?  Get some help, don’t be afraid to seek input from their friends and family. Some people have simple tastes and will not want to wear something that’s too loud, or maybe they like something that’s a little flashier. Tastes will vary greatly from person-to-person.

Starting your shopping early can open the door to some really exciting post-holiday or early Valentine’s Day sales. Purchasing a custom designed jewellery piece is another option that many of our Markham, Richmond Hill and Toronto customers enjoy. It can be a surprisingly affordable option and will make your gift from the heart truly unique.

It’s also important to establish a budget for your Valentine’s Day jewellery purchase. Our team of Richmond Hill jewellery designers have helped create special Valentine’s Day memories since we first opened our doors over 60 years ago. We’ll walk you through the entire jewellery shopping process, explaining all the terminology, options, and prices along the way. We know you have a budget and we’ll help you stick to it, offering you excellent customer service and value for your money.

Be wary of the financing options offered by some of the bigger box jewellery stores. At first glance, the rates typically seem attractive, but these are often promotional rates and will revert to a higher amount after a few months. In the long run, financing a jewellery gift can lead to you paying a lot more for your purchase when it’s all said and done.

Be careful shopping for jewellery online. Shopping for jewellery in person gives you the ability to touch, feel and closely examine pieces before you purchase anything. Online pictures really don’t do that special gift justice. A deal that seems too good to be true probably is and you should be very cautious of any heavily discounted online item. Buying from a trusted jewellery store provides you with the peace-of-mind of knowing that you’re buying something made of high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship.

Valentine’s Day highlights what’s traditionally known as the ‘proposal season’ with an estimated 40 percent of engagements happening between the months of November and February. Thinking about popping the big question this year? Our team of experienced Richmond Hill jewellery designers will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that symbolizes your love story. There are also plenty of Valentine’s jewellery gifts for newer relationships. If you’re in a new relationship, consider buying your partner a bracelet or a necklace.

Our Richmond Hill customers have shared some very romantic Valentine’s Day stories with us over the years. Presenting your gift in a romantic way can add a lot and make the experience much more memorable. Try sending your loved one on a treasure hunt, include tickets to a concert in the jewellery box, or use joke packaging.

Shopping for Valentine’s Day jewellery doesn’t need to cause panic or drain your bank account. Start early and find a local jewellery store that has the options and experience to do the job right. Don’t stress out about finding the perfect gift, your loved one will look at their jewellery and always remember the thought and love you put into their gift.

We’ve helped create Valentine’s Day memories for over 60 years. Our experienced Richmond Hill jewellery designers are waiting to walk you through the entire jewellery shopping process. We will help make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.